“I came to Michelle after my chiropractor told me to stop running for a few weeks due to plantar fasciitis in both my feet. Thanks to her encouragement and training plans I have been able to work my way back up to 20+ mile weeks. My feet feel better than they have in a long while, and with Michelle’s help I am looking forward to getting back into racing again soon.”

– Amy

“In just a short period of Michelle coaching me through weekly track workouts, I took my 5K pace from 7:01 to 6:15. Not only did I get faster, but my race strategy improved and my mental toughness increased, enabling me to push through the toughest spots in some key races, so that I ended up placing overall at some and in my age group in others. The workouts challenged me more than I ever imagined they would, but they definitely served their purpose.”

– Diane

runningclub7“This past summer, both my children got to participate in Michelle’s Kids Running Camp. They came home excited about what they learned and did, and were happy to go back each day. They raced and ran obstacle courses and most importantly they had fun! Michelle’s enthusiasm and love for the sport is quite apparent when she interacts with the children. We are looking forward camp again this coming summer.”

– Nicole



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